Hello Mr.


Photos by Sam Evans-Butler

  • Erol, small business owner, opened Kahve coffee shop with the man he was dating.

  • Jon Jon, DJ, kept this pop up card that was made for him as a gift.
  • Mark, furniture designer/builder, and his cat Amiga, who was a gift from the first guy he ever dated.
  • Adrian, stylist, found this drawing after his partner moved out. He’s not really sure if it was intended to be mean spirited.
  • Matthew, DJ, got a tattoo that his boyfriend paid for to commemorate their favorite song, “I Found A Reason” by Cat Power.
  • Nick, photographer, kept this necklace his ex made specifically for him.
  • Paul, painter, stole these sunglasses from his boyfriend during a messy break-up, despite the fact that he didn’t like them.
  • Dylan, set designer. The only item that he has ever kept from a relationship was this t-shirt. They are no longer together, but the business carries on.
  • Dan, marketing, kept this framed DC Comics art even after he and his boyfriend broke up. Here, he bares it all.

  • Fran, editor, "I totally had every intention of returning this shirt, but I actually really love how soft it is, and then he said something rude about me on Twitter."

  • Sam, snuck into his ex's apartment after the break up to drop off a box of stuff left behind, and left with his ex's favorite lighter. “I don't know why, but I felt like I deserved it.”

  • Nathaniel, blogger, “My ex used to be a ceramicist. After we broke up I considered breaking this bowl he made me for my 21st birthday, but it managed to stay with me for 3 more years, and now my ex and I are best friends.”

  • Ryan, editor, kept a Comme de Garçon wallet his ex gave him back in Australia. 

  • Will, editor, kept a flask that his ex engraved his initials on.

  • Matthew, photography agent assistant, has a Margiela sweater from his ex. He kept it primarily for the scent.

  • Drew, editor, "I hung on to my ex-boyfriend's cape. He bought it, and I stole it. Capes are my signature look now. Haha."

  • John, Embassy Liason, has a gym bag from his ex-husband, who he was with for 7 years. "It's literally the only thing I have of his."

Have something from your ex you just can’t let go of? An object you just can’t throw away, like an old t-shirt, a toothbrush, or Joy Division on vinyl? Our "Souvenirs" photo essay from issue 03 by Sam Evans-Butler is back! This time with a contest counting down to Valentine’s Day! Check out our favorites from the #YourSouvenir contest here.

Sam Evans-Butler is a portrait and editorial photographer based in NY. His work has a documentary feel, and a knack for mysterious, unexpected, and macabre. He works primarily in analogue mediums. 

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