Hello Mr.

Whats #YourSouvenir?

  • "When I fastened it around my waist that morning in Bushwick, did my heart know it was for keeps? This studded belt is all that's left of that summer of train rides in from Jersey, sweaty sheets, and Georgian mysteries. I borrowed you for a spell we knew would never last, but I still wear this like I'm 22 sometimes. What binding did I leave for you?" @thebeff

  • "You remember Olsen. I adopted her because after months of chasing you I wanted to stop feeling so alone. The first night I had her you came over and we were together for two years onward. We would joke that we were a family; that our baby had two daddies. When we split you were always there for her, teaching me that even though people don't work out, love creates something incredibly beautiful and loyal. I'm forever grateful to you for her." @bindershawn

  • "5 years ago, he wrote down his thoughts and feelings about our troubled relationship on this canvas and then painted over it. It was his way of working through whether or not to stay together. "I love him" are the only visible words you can see beneath the layers. While things didn't last, I grew stronger and moved past" @harperbf

  • "I baked him some cookies and wrote him a poem, to celebrate his dear coming of age. And despite how sweet he said it all was, together our story didn't have a new page. So while he had these rhymes to remember me by, I had little to nothing, save a little white lie. Where he told me I’d be fine, I needn’t get tested. He was wrong. All this time gonorrhoea had festered. And I had to get injected twice to cure it." @djdumpling

  • "I opened my car door one morning to find a letter and a key. From that point forward, I promised to keep every hand-written apology." @jeffreythomaselliott

  • "An ex and I used to ride together daily. We're both on better places now, but I'm still happy to have those memories and this tattoo as a souvenir." @formationsofmentalobjects

  • "The sweetest things are always the hardest to let go." @robsessed85

  • "My first boyfriend lent me his copy of Intimate Connections by David Burns. Despite having poured over it, First Boyfriend found himself completely incapable of applying its concepts. His self-sabotage (in some bizarre way) birthed my self-success. I have now read it several times; it has been my guide in processing complex emotions and combatting self-doubt" @anderooney

  • "Old, but good." @astclaire1

  • "It didn't end bad, nor was it good. It ended in the only way it could, the only way it would. You gave me memories and that's what I'll take from you, also this camera so I can continue to make memories without you." @itsaaronpaul

  • "My ex helped me smuggle this fossil in my underwear while customs confiscated the rest of my collection. This was my favorite one. I hope he remembers what I taught him and what Mr. Robbins taught me: 'It's never too late to have a happy childhood.'" @ericaleighlyon

  • "Old shirts taken from different people/places" @jonnoxrevanche

  • WINNER: "Weirdly enough we were both wearing cowboy hats when we first met. Just like Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist's love story ours was complicated but intense, and just like them we ended up going separate ways. When that happened we decided to keep the hat that belonged to the other. As a souvenir. Just to remember." @spaceshipavenue

Hello Mr. & Need Supply hosted an Instagram contest inspired by our "Souvenirs" photo essay from issue 03. These are a few of our favorite submissions.