Hello Mr.

  ISSUE 05 | SPOTLIGHT   Apr 08, 2015

Our Issue 05 Cover Mister is Mike Hadreas!

Photography by Kathy Lo

When Mike Hadreas released his single “Queen” last summer, he placed himself, wittingly, into the small empire of “gay music.” Editors Ryan Fitzgibbon and Francisco Tirado chatted with the genius for an in-depth interview, the longest Hello Mr. has ever published. In the cover story on stands next week, Hadreas had a chat with us about what it means, exactly, to “make a gay anthem” and whether that has anything to do with the body of work you create. Since his emergence, Perfume Genius has been advised by people in the music industry, urging him to write on more universal themes that wouldn’t isolate a non-gay audience. “Queen” was his answer and polite middle finger to the notion.

Mike shot with us the morning of his largest-ever performance in New York City, a stressor showed no signs when he stepped in front of our cameras in a jumpsuit and cracking jokes as we made him eat various off-brand gas station junk foods.

In the feature, Hadreas, 33, tells us why New York isn’t that bad, what it’s like to tour and work with his longtime boyfriend, and why he always paints his nails. He also explains why he’s a “fucking serious” Annie Lennox fan and how much of his work was influenced early on by the presence of very strong women. On a quote that speaks well for the issue, he shares a bit of advice, just for you:

You’re okay. People write – will tell me secrets, and they’ll feel like their secrets are bad or somehow worse, or dirty or more shameful than everybody else’s, and they’re not. A lot of times people credit music and things that they listen to while they got over something. Somehow, that made them get better? But people don’t give themselves enough credit! I mean, I didn’t do anything! You know? I’m just cooing on the piano, and they’re like, ‘You saved my life!’ I’m like, ‘I’m pretty sure you did that.’”

Mike Hadreas is one of the strongest misters we know, and we can’t wait share his story with you. Issue 05 is shipping now, so order your copy! While you wait, we’ve created a playlist especially for this issue so you can listen along to the music that’s inspired Mike and the misters that made this issue happen.

To read the whole feature story, get your copy of Hello Mr. here.