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Profiles   Sep 01, 2017

An Interview with TWINKIDS

Text by Miguel Angel Jimenez
Photo by Grant Spanier

September is both the end of summer and the beginning of beloved fall. For this reason, our Hello September 2017 playlist includes both tracks to help you dance through what’s left of the summer, and some to help you start cozying up for the cooler months. Included are songs like “Clap Your Hands” by Le Youth and “Do You Want My Love” by The Harpoons (a track that borrow heavily from the disco soul sisters of yesteryear), two heavy hitters, bold enough to hold down a dance floor at peak hour, yet palatable enough to enjoy at your desk.

Additionally, The War on Drugs’ new album has become one of the best of this year, and “Pain” – track 7- just has so much heart. You’ll also find tracks that are in-between- like “Tailwhip” by Men I Trust who – a track making us look forward to shorter days and longer nights, and an understatedly sexy version of the classic French House classic, “Music Sounds Better With You” by Stardust, from Neil Francis that’s perfect for entertaining guests. Hello September 2017 also includes your dose of queer sounds from Sam Sparro and TWINKIDS - a duo from LA formed of Matt and Gene who make “laptop pop” and most definitely stole our hearts. The boys dropped a new EP entitled Boys Love on August 18th that’s sure to add a breath of fresh air to your collection.

We got a little personal with the boys who’s single, “Overdressed,” we fell hard for. Dive in below to find out what albums are the best to fall in love to, and where they had their first kiss.

Tell us more about "Overdressed":

Gene: I wrote "Overdressed" when I was just getting into a serious relationship. I was excited, so it's definitely a romantic, sexy song, and the poppiest on the EP, but there's also something deeply painful and abusive about it. I kept running back despite him hurting me over and over again. I could feel his dishonesty in everything he’d say, but when I saw him in person he had this charm that made me forgive him. The sound of "Overdressed" swings between really bouncy verses, and then huge four-on-the-floor choruses, only to pull back to almost nothing and then start climbing to another peak. It's about that pendulum feeling at the beginning of a relationship - knowing he’s the best when you’re with him but then full of doubt when you’re apart.

What's the perfect record to fall in love to?

Gene: Me by Empress Of. I actually fell in love while I was listening to this album when it came out 2 years ago. I'm also in love with this album. It's perfectly experimental and uplifting, with the coolest hooks. The lyrics are weird and dark, but also exciting at times... just like falling in love!

Matt: Vespertine by Björk. I’m really into this album recently - I think it’s actually really informing the sound of the new music Gene and I are working on. There are so many beautiful tiny moments on this album…"Cocoon" has been a longtime favorite of mine. It really captures the feel of those sacred sex, falling in love moments.

What's the perfect record to nurse a broken heart?

Gene: ANTI by Rihanna. There's nothing like a good pop album you can scream sing along to when your heart is broken. I also think Rihanna's performance on this entire album is INCREDIBLE I am so living for her. 

Matt: I want to say Vulnicura, but I know I can’t say another Bjork album. So I’ve been really into the title track on the album Let It Die by Feist. Feist is such a powerhouse always, but this for me is the pinnacle of her lyric writing. This song always makes me cry…my favorite way to nurse a broken heart.

Where was your first kiss?

Gene: My first kiss was in a tube slide in this robot-themed park in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. It was so wet. I don't think anybody enjoyed it. 

Matt: In the TV room of my 7th grade girlfriend’s house, with the
door open, while her mom was in the kitchen…does that count?

Your favorite place to dance?

Gene: Alone in my room with absolutely no mirrors in sight..

Matt: Sounds about right.

Your favorite place to watch the sunset?

Gene: Anywhere as long as I have a cat in my arms.

Matt: I grew up on the east coast of Florida - lots of bridges over rivers and swamps. Very dewy and colorful.

A favorite inspirational quote?

Matt: I was recently listening to recordings of violinist Fritz Kreisler with one of my really close friends, playing Beethoven violin sonatas, and she told me that musician was after this German concept called Gemütlichkeit. Not necessarily a quote, but the word means something about coziness and warmth, maybe familiarity, like a soiree in a best friend’s living room, or a kiki. I really like thinking about that in terms of our music. We’re definitely into these big sonic spaces, and having everything be high contrast and intricate, but I’m trying to keep that idea of friendliness and warmth in mind with what we’re working on now, even when it’s super expansive.

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