Hello Mr.



What kind of submissions does Hello Mr. look for?

We accept submissions of all kinds, depicting queer and queer-adjacent subject matter from all walks of life. This includes interviews, short stories, fiction, non-fiction, academic essays, personal essays, profiles, photography, and illustration. We are a global magazine, so all content must transcend ‘place’ and exclude current trends or news. There is no theme specific to any issue. We choose to only publish material that has never appeared on the web or in print. Simultaneous submissions are allowed. All submissions for print are also considered for publication on the web.

What are the most common stories you read? 

Sad break-up stories, happy break-up stories, revenge break-up stories, break-up poetry, break-up fiction, break-up photos, break-up essays, and so on. We never get tired of 'em, but know it's our most-written theme.

What rules are there in submitting?

All requirements for submitting can be found on our submissions portal.
Submissions range from 600-6,000 words, but we are flexible.
Have someone review your piece before hitting send, for both our sakes. If your piece is accepted, we will still work closely to revise and edit your piece to its final state.
Until further notice, contributors remain unpaid until advertising revenue builds and production costs are met.
All requirements for submitting can be found on our submissions portal.

If you are an illustrator, photographer, or visual artist who is submitting his/her porfolio or contact sheet for review or potential collaboration, please send your work in a single (brief) PDF, through either the photo or illustration category in our submissions portal.

Official rejection letters to denied submissions can be expected within 8 months of the deadline. Prior to that, we are unable to provide individual rejection letters. Thanks for understanding.
Submissions are rolling, but to be considered for future issues, send your work through our new submission portal. The sooner you get it to us, the better!


Orders / General

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Our magazines are printed and distributed from Berlin, Germany, and we ship worldwide for a flat rate.

Where’s my order?

Our printer is based in Berlin, so deliveries can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. Thanks for your patience.

Do you accept returns?

All sales are final. Hello Mr. does not offer refunds, returns, nor exchanges for any products sold from its online store.

If you have more questions about your order, please email us at sales@hellomrmag.com.

Are subscriptions available?

Join our membership here

Why print? I thought it was dead!

It is dead! Haven't you heard? Kidding. Even though we've relaunched our site with content, we believe that consumers want more meaningful experiences with a clear purpose behind them. They are increasingly choosing quality over quantity, so reducing the frequency allows us time to produce something worthy of a share on your coffee table. By excluding timely content (i.e. book reviews, current events, etc.) Hello Mr. preserves its relevance for much longer than a traditional news or trend-based periodical. 

Do you have a digital version?

Yes, you can view our magazines on Press Reader. Select articles are also available on our site. Also available, of course, are select full articles now live on this site.

Do you have any open positions or internships?

We are not currently looking for an intern at the moment. We’ll grow our team in the future, but beyond paid interns, can only accept volunteer-based support. If you're interested in helping out, please email us at info@hellomrmag.com.

Do you have advertisers?

Yes! We love collaborating with brands that are as committed to creating meaningful experiences with consumers as we are. To request a media kit, or for our rates, please email us at advertising@hellomrmag.com.

How do you get on the cover?

Our cover is chosen quite organically, in that, we select our feature story on account of what visually and emotionally compels us most. We do not accept solicitations for cover stories, as all our stories, in our eyes, have the potential to be a cover.

Other questions? Email us at info@hellomrmag.com