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Profiles   Oct 09, 2017

Having Fun with Fischerspooner

Photo by Vincent Urbani
Interview By Miguel Angel Jimenez


In many parts of the country, the leaves have started turning orange and yellow. The air is cooler and crisp, and even if in some parts the days are still warm, the nights are prime for a good night’s sleep under the covers. Fall is a time for reflection – symbolically, the start of the end for what the year brought. Mother nature priming herself for rebirth. This month’s playlist opens with “Particle” by Hundred Waters – a hauntingly beautiful song about heartbreak – and also very much about the beginning of the end. Throughout the playlist you’ll find a few of these songs about reflecting on the end of a relationship, including Phoebe Bridgers “Motion Sickness” and Sam Smith’s “Too Good At Goodbyes.”

But Fall isn’t just about breakups and the end of relationships. Sometimes it’s also about the start of new ones, or the rekindling of old flames, as we hear in Now, Now’s charming “Yours,” or the pop-rock ballad from Black Kids with lyrics like “If I Give Everything I Have, will you not go?” called “In A Song.” This month there’s also a few songs to get you dancing because here in the states there’s also something called Halloween and we like to get mischievous. You can get that fix from Tove Lo with “Disco Tits” or the Jamie xx remix of The xx’s “On Hold.”

This month we’re highlighting queer icon, Fischerspooner and their self-proclaimed gay anthem, “Have Fun Tonight” – a sort of tongue-in-cheek ode to alternative relationships and sexual openness and empowerment, powered by the emotions of Casey Spooner’s recent breakup. Read on to learn more about the track, and what makes him cry.


Tell us more about "Have Fun Tonight":

"Have Fun Tonight" was written a year after the album was finished in Feb 2017. It was an instrumental that Warren added to the live set for a show in Mexico City in Nov 2016. Boots got involved just by chance the same week that Michael Stipe, Andy LeMaster and I happened to be in Athens, Ga working on the song. He was in LA with Warren. We worked fast and remotely. It was a dream come true. I love his work with Beyoncé. Haunted is one of my favorite songs. It is structurally a unique shape. It’s like 5 songs all in one that somehow completely flow. I'd had a dream of making a gay anthem inspired by Arianne Grande’s “Into You”. He was the perfect partner to help make that happen. Stuart White who mixed the song is also a damn genius. I hate this word but…I felt so BLESSED when this team happened so organically. I, of course, was in the midst of ANOTHER dramatic breakup in my life and the emotion went right onto the mic.

What was your first time in a queer club like?

I used to go to a gay bar in Asheville, N.C. in the 80’s. It was a 2-hour drive from my home. I would stop by on my commutes from when I was a cook at Outward Bound and go dancing alone. I remember mostly just loving to dance to George Michael’s “Monkey.” He was my queen.


What's your go-to record when you're feeling down?

I have survived listening to Good Life by Inner City on repeat; drinking iced coffee and compulsively buying speedos online.


Who did you look up to growing up?

Laurie Anderson, Grace Jones, Ron Vawter, Madonna, Prince, David Lynch, Bruce Weber, The B-52s, The Cure, Bongwater, Les Ritas Mitsouko, Jean Paul Mondino, Paul Morrissey, Norma Kamali etc. etc. etc. etc…the list could go on and on into art, music and fashion. Richard Bernstein’s cover illustrations for Interview Magazine may have had the most profound impact on me image wise. I LOVED these covers and I had to have them every month. SO GLAMOUROUS.

What's a song that makes you cry?

I have a very strong connection to Sylvester’s “Need Somebody to Love Tonight”. I miss having a boyfriend but I love my freedom. I’m always caught between loneliness and lust. This song captures that longing and my strange in-betweenness.

Check out their show at The Bowery in NYC on 10/27.