Hello Mr.

  Oct 18, 2017

The Issues Residency

The Issues is a magazine residency for creatives around the world. With support and distribution through Hello Mr., mentorship from industry professionals, residents will have three months to develop their idea before presenting it on a global stage.

Don’t believe the hype, print isn’t dead. We’ve seen it first hand with Hello Mr., and are now offering a new opportunity for creative impact. Zines have always been a space to express ourselves, defy expectations, and create community in the process. In any age of Instagrammable moments and witty tweets, the time we allow ourselves to develop long-form projects often gets neglected.

This 12-week residency is designed for any individual or team around the world to explore a magazine idea. No previous writing or zine making experience is required. During these three months, residents will work with the Hello Mr. staff and industry mentors to bring their idea to life, getting help on everything from content creation to visual design and a customized logo. Most work will be completed remotely, with frequent digital updates and in-person meetings when possible.

The completed zine will be distributed exclusively in the upcoming issue of Hello Mr. magazine and will result in a launch party in a location to be determined with the chosen resident. For more information visit our FAQ page.

Applications are now closed.