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For our first-ever event in the South, we curated an evening of original content with Nola’s finest writers, artists, & storytellers during their iconic Southern Decadence weekend. This September, the Three Keys inside Ace Hotel New Orleans filled up with happy misters, misses, and gender nonconforming peeps to enjoy an evening of cocktails and saucy little stories listed below. 

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01. Seventeen Easy Steps to Prepare for a First Date
An advice column by Ryan Rogers

02. The Girl with the Motorcycle Tattoo
A story by Mary-Devon Dupuy

03. Eight Minutes with Colin Roberson
Interviewed by Laurence Ross of Pelican Bomb

04. Four Saucy Poems
By Tom O’Brien

05. A Few Transgressions with Tunde Olaniran
Interviewed by Fran Tirado

06. Queerness is Not Yet Here
A photo essay by Chris Berntsen

07. Perfecting the Rim Job
A cocktail recipe by Probably This

Our final cocktail recipe was recorded off audio, but Matt & Beau brought down the house with a coconut daiquiri and a zesty salt rim using their LIVE mixology knowledge that could put even Martha to shame. This segment included a very helpful tutorial on cleaning the rim and getting juuuust the perfect amount spice in your rim job. You can't see it, but… we'll just let you use your imaginations. Lucky for you, the full recipe is on their blog. Go make a cocktail while you listen!

More photos by Randy Schmidt from Hello Mr. LIVE here.

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