Hello Mr.

Essays   WEB EXCLUSIVE | FASHION   Jan 24, 2016

POPEYE, for City Boys

Photography by Matthew Tammaro

When POPEYE, the Japanese "Magazine for City Boys," reached out to us to be featured in their February 2016 issue, we enlisted photographer Matthew Tammaro to capture some of our misters and contributors to Hello Mr. in their New York and Brooklyn neighborhoods. 

Mitchell Evan Nugent, Writer & Fashion Production Assistant

Ryan Fitzgibbon, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Ian Bradley, Fashion Editor/Stylist

Korey Vincent, Creative Director

Fran Tirado, Associate Editor

Zhang Qingyun, Art Director

Anthony Pedraza, Fashion Stylist

Evan Moffitt, Art Critic

Noah Michelson, Editorial Director

Marcus Morris, Photographer

Paul Frederick, Fashion Editor/Stylist

These images were originally published in POPEYE issue 826, on stands February 2016.

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